I am a Dentist and Owner of San Juan Smile Spa where I have created beautiful smiles since 1996. I have been studying and applying principles of success since the year 2000. I am a Certified High Performance Coach and also a Certified Life and Business Coach and have helped thousands of entrepreneurs of varied experiences and backgrounds have more success in their business and life. I am the best selling author of the book Run Your Race: A Guide to Making Your Impossibles Possible. I enjoy speaking and training audiences all over the world. I am a lover of animals and love challenges. I am a marathoner and love inspiring people to make their impossibles possible.

It is my purpose to create and inspire in others the unlimited expression of their inner and outer beauty and talents so that they can live a life full of passion, joy and love.


Official Biography:

Dr. Mayra Lladó is an architect of the smile and an architect of life.  She has been practicing Aesthetic Dentistry since 1996 and is the owner of San Juan Smile Spa on the Island of Puerto Rico.

Author of the best selling book:  Run Your Race, A Guide to Making Your Impossibles Possible, Co-Author of the best seller: Success University for Women, an International Speaker, Trainer and Certified High Performance Coach.

She has been personally mentored by Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles and contributor in The Secret. Is a graduate of his Train the Trainer program and has had the honor and privilege to serve on the assisting team of many of his live events including Breakthrough to Success and Train the Trainer. 

Dr. Mayra is actively involved in Toastmasters International and is the current Area Director for Area 30 of District 81. Through her participation in Toastmasters she has helped many people with their communication and leadership skills.

She is the Founder and CEO of Success In Action Inc., a coaching and training company that offers High Performance Coaching and experiential workshops for Businesses and individuals to help them tap into their gifts and realize their full potential so that they can change their world and the world around them. 

She conducts one day and weekend experiential workshops and retreats that focus on Maximizing Your Potential, Igniting Your Success, Living in Love, or Running Your Race.  Her trainings are for entrepreneurs, business people, salespeople, educators, counselors, consultants, couples, and others interested in not settling and becoming their best selves to experience a life of fulfillment, joy and success.

She was one of 16 speakers at the first Global Leadership Summit  held in Jaipur, India, the 23-24th of October 2015.